"Stephanie Paul is a beautiful, enticing soloist, limber and spicy, with hints of Caribbean hues in her arsenal."

Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune

 "It’s to the credit of writer Isaac Gomez, co-directors Stephanie Paul and Maggie Popadiak, and especially the vibrant cast that the show feels very much like we’re hearing these stories for the first time. The voices we meet in this narrative collage feel distinct, not filtered through a sole authorial voice." [Ofrenda, Albany Park Theater Project]


 "Directors Stephanie Paul and Maggie Popadiak mix elements of dance and movement in with the storytelling, adding an expressive element to the production which viscerally communicates the emotions that words sometimes cannot.

The fact that some aspects of the subject matter can become weighty without ever weighing down the production is a testament to directors Stephanie Paul and Maggie Popadiak as much as it is a testament to the talents of the cast of 13 to 18 year old performers. Whether addressing issues of deportation, protest, identity, or war, this heartfelt cast retains an infectious and earnest hopefulness." [Ofrenda, Albany Park Theater Project]


"Stephanie Paul’s choreography brings vibrancy to Nana’s neighborhood, a place alive with street performers and unexpected beauty." [Last Stop on Market Street, Chicago Children's Theatre]


"Choreographed with spunk and spirit by Stephanie Paul, the story leaps from the page to the stage. It’s an infectious, colorful, heartwarming story with an important lesson for everyone." [Last Stop on Market Street, Chicago Children's Theatre]


"Special kudos should be given to the movement director, Stephanie Paul. She has choreographed the action so deftly that watching the girls stretch before each game and run drills as they talk and engage becomes mesmerizing. It feels like an actual soccer team has been transplanted onto Studio’s fourth floor." [The Wolves, Studio Theatre]


"You can’t take your eyes off these athletes, because that’s what they are, not just actors. The play had a movement choreographer (Stephanie Paul) and the good work shows in the seamless integration of soccer warm ups, drills, and noodling around with the ball that look completely natural. This is a play that focuses on physical awareness with the same artful delicacy as the dialogue." [The Wolves, Studio Theatre]


"Stephanie Paul probably has the most challenging technical role as the Body Percussion and Movement Choreographer. The fights looked brilliant. She managed to get her actors to look like trained fighters. The body percussion is possibly one of my favorite things I have seen in a show in a very long time." [The Royale, City Theatre]


I’ve never seen a show before that captivates you so much with rhythm and the natural effect of bodies making noise. This play smarts with anticipation because of its artfully directed pace. I owe this experience to “Body Percussion and Movement Choreographer” Stephanie Paul and the interlacing that occurred to carry the plot so fluidly." [The Royale, City Theatre]


"Movement and body percussionist Stephanie Paul, did an outstanding job in giving this non-musical show a musical feel. The way the fights were staged, the way the ensemble cast created rhythms though stomping and clapping, gave the production a gritty but ethereal feel." [The Royale, The Repertory Theater of St. Louis]


"The feel of the piece is truly captured, and aided greatly by Stephanie Paul's movement and body percussion." [The Royale, The Repertory Theater of St. Louis]


"Stephanie Paul's wonderfully acrobatic, vaudeville-tinged quintet "Ourchestra" makes an impromptu band out of a group of musicians who've forgotten their instruments." [And Now for the Dancing Pants! Chicago Dance Crash]


"There are tricks aplenty, with highlights including Stephanie Paul’s percussive choreography using bodies for instruments." [And Now for the Dancing Pants! Chicago Dance Crash]


"There is nothing uneven about the troupe's percussive abilities, or the pop dance acrobatics of its women, led by beguiling and passionate Stephanie Paul, Be the Groove's able artistic director." [Winter Break Down, Be the Groove]


"She's great."

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